Rules In Relation to the Profession

  1. A member of the Guild of Medical Directors shall comply with the provisions of the rules of Professional Conduct for Medical and Dental Practitioners as approved from time to time by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
  2. Every member is advised to be in possession of the relevant publication of the M & DCON to this effect. Any member who after due process is adjudged to have contravened these rules shall face the disciplinary procedure of the Guild.
  3. A member of the Guild shall promote the interest of the Nigerian Medical Association and its recognized interest groups that exist for the promotion of medical profession in Nigeria.
  4. A member of the Guild shall comply from time to time with the approved legal requirements for the establishment and practice of medicine in Nigeria in accordance with the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Rules In Relation to the Guild of Medical Directors

  1. Every member of the Guild shall actively promote and abide by the objectives, rules and decisions taken by the appropriate organs of the Guild of Medical Directors.
  2. No member shall be in arrears of payment of subscription, levies or dues for more than ninety days, except in very special circumstances.
  3. Inability of any member to attend a scheduled meeting is to be notified to the Secretary General not later than the sitting of the scheduled meeting.
  4. Unexplained absence from three meetings in a calendar year shall be sufficient indication to examine and determine the membership of the absentee.
  5. Quality standards that are laid down by the Guild in the areas of Medical practice establishment, services and pricing are to be strictly adhered to by members.
  6. Members shall only relate with corporate bodies, clients and the general public along the laid down guidelines
  7. In relating to the business community and other clients, members shall maintain personal and corporate integrity and defend the integrity of the medical profession in the process of their business.
  8. Members shall have the right to utilize all the efforts that the Guild can garner for self support in relating to the business community and other clients.
  9. Members shall cultivate and maintain brotherly relationship among themselves. Disagreements among members in the course of medical business shall be resolved by the Guild.
  10. Members shall desist from running colleagues down or from any act that may bring a fellow colleague into disrepute.