Aims & Objectives

Our aims and objectives include:

  1. The advancement and provision of quality private medical clinics and hospitals
  2. To encourage the business of private health care provider as a profit    making health industry.
  3. To create a forum for interactions amongst professionally qualified private medical directors who are themselves owners of clinic and hospitals.
  4. To develop the business of private medical centers, hospitals and clinics and seek their recognition as such.
  5. To regularize and standardize from time to time approved medical tariffs for its members.
  6. To protect and unite members in a fair and equitable manner.
  7. To formulate guidelines in contracts for the purchase of health services and ensure compliance through effective monitoring.
  8. To formulate uniform guidelines on medical contracts for the delivery of health services to corporate bodies (clients) and to ensure fairness in the execution of such medical contract schemes.
  9. To provide adequate information and protect the interest of both healthcare buyers and beneficiaries of medical health schemes.
  10. To liaise with the appropriate regulatory bodies in effecting a general code of conduct for doctors.
  11. To seek membership of the chamber(s) of commerce and other responsible private groups as a TRADE GROUP.
  12. To seek to keep the generality of the citizenry informed of their rights and privileges concerning private medical practice.
  13. To encourage improvement in the knowledge of medical practitioners through sponsorship of seminars, symposia and workshops.
  14. To invest in healthcare through establishment of health and research centres.
  15. To own and operate any other business interest that will enhance the wealth of members, particularly health insurance schemes and other companies that will promote managed care and networking.